The Themes

Favorite Olympic Sports

Greatest Disappearances 

Best Summer Foods

Lessons From Dad

Favorite Heretics

Best Summer Movies

Wars to be Remembered

Favorite Canadians

Graduation Songs

Transcendent Moments in Film

Bucket Lists

Favorite Partnerships in the Film Industry

Worst Films of the 2010s

Favorite Historical Figures Born in New York City and Currently Dead

Songs for Springtime

Best Un-Picked-Up Pilots

Most Moving Visualizations of  Good Friday

Happy Sad Songs

Things You Should Have Given Up for Lent

Best Kanye Moments

Disney Characters We Wouldn’t Have a Beer With

Favorite Movie Trilogies

Favorite Folklore

Coffee with Our Heroes

World of Tomorrow

Best David Bowie Acting Performances

Best Brews for Winter

Greatest Sidekicks of All Time

Best Opening Movie Scene

Best Internet Trends 2015

Best Films of 2015

Best Albums of 2015

Best Books Read in 2015

Best Black and White Films

Things That Look Better Than They Taste

Worst Hip Hop Lyrics

Best Movie Soundtrack Songs

Favorite Horror Films

Disturbing Bible Passages

Scary Places

Scary Songs

Stupid Things White People Do

Cinematic Afflictions

Back To School Songs

Character Actors (male)

Meals We Love To Cook

Weird Books

90’s Albums

Tearful Moments in Film

Fictional Vehicles

Greatest Comebacks

Supporting Characters (TV)

Outdoor Activities

Children’s Books

Breakfast Foods

Deadly Predators

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