Jacqueline Dear – Her clothes say bohemian hipster girl-next-door but her words say offensive, drunken sailor with a high class education. Her mediocre passion for all the things makes her the best homeschooling, Pinterest scrolling mama/wife TO EVER LIVE. (Twitter: @JackieLHolmes)

 Jeremy Doan –  Occasionally he write words, but mostly he does other things (like wrangle his five kids and engineer software stuff). He has thoughts, and likes to argue about those thoughts. (Twitter: @jeremymdoan)

Matthew Linder – When he’s not dancing to pop music with his daughter, he’s enjoying a beer and listening to vinyl. Sometimes he writes on faith and music. (Twitter: @theretuned)


Blake I. Collier – Writer for Mockingbird and Christ & Pop Culture. Co-host of Impossible to Say & The Smell of Music. General malcontent, alcoholic, and failure at life. (Twitter: @SacredLetDown)

Ian McLoud – Youth Pastor, basketball fan, and founding member of 5ive. (Twitter: @KindaScottish)


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