Matt’s Favorite Olympic Sports


5. Men’s Beach Volleyball

In truth, I’ve never seen Men’s Beach Volleyball as the sport is not broadcast on network TV but some Olympics channel that you can only get if you have cable. And if we are honest the reason why the men’s event does not receive the broadcast love that women’s does is because the women’s sport is not really about the sport. For many Olympics viewers, I would venture to easily say that watching tall, fit, pretty women in bikinis run and jump around like those slo-mo Baywatch beach runners is why men, I mean, viewers watch the sport. And since the degrading of women into mere sexual objects increases ratings instead of being wowed at their sports skills, women’s beach volleyball receives prime time network play. I really don’t care about beach volleyball but it is one of the clearest examples in the Olympics of  seeing these female Olympians more as sexual  objects than as incredible athletes.


4. Rowing

Kind of an underdog pick, as I don’t think many of us appreciate the coordinated skill that rowing takes. Sure we are stunned at synchronized swimming and diving because it is so flashy but ensuring that eight people all row at the same time so that your team can go faster than the other team, requires just as much coordination.


3. Figure Skating

Being more akin to artistic skills, I appreciate that an event like figure skating exists that combines athletic ability with the grace and wonder of ballet. I also think it is hilarious that everyone is in denial about the scoring system being objective when this sport is clearly scored subjectively.


2. Bobsled

Both exhilarating and frightening to watch. At least in a bobsled you won’t die alone if you launch off the track.


1. Gymnastics

Like the decathlon but with a bit of artistry. Do you know the strength that is required to pull of these feats? These men and women are some of the strongest Olympians and I would say even stronger than those weightlifting cats.


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