Commentary: Jeremy’s Favorite Olympic Sports

Matt’s Commentary –

5. Decathalon

If I were some sort of sports athlete this might be the sport for me since I get bored easily focusing intensely on one thing. Thus why I always have numerous projects that I’m working on at the same time. The variety of events would be interesting to me and seeing how much I could master each one.

4.  Bobsled/Luge/Skeleton

As a spectator, I have high anxiety watching any of these and couldn’t imagine how freaked out I’d be if I was riding on this little piece of metal down the ice.

3.  Cycling (road race, not the track stuff)

I have tremendous respect for those who do the multi-day cycling and the stamina that such a feat requires but it is literally one of the last things I ever want to watch. I don’t know what is worse to watch NASCAR or cycling.

2. Doping


1. Handball

If you think about it, all sports grew out of children’s play so it is not unreasonable to elevate a sport that many Americans might consider juvenile to the prestige of an Olympic sport. Though I might have to draw the line at hopscotch as an Olympic sport but maybe one day there will be a hipster Olympics where that is in vogue.

Jackie’s Commentary –

5. Decathalon

Good pick. Wish I would have thought of it.

4.  Bobsled/Luge/Skeleton

I’m all about that high anxiety/adrenalin these sports bring out in a spectator.  I think it’s great and makes me emotionally invested in each race. Which is the whole point of this deal, right?

3.  Cycling (road race, not the track stuff)

Nope. I have a weird thing about bicycles. I don’t know. Maybe it’s from an event that I’ve suppressed from my childhood, but I don’t like being on bikes. I hate to watch people on bikes. And I especially hate driving by people on bikes. Me watching cycling in the Olympics is like watching a cat cough up a hairball that doesn’t exist.

2. Doping


1. Handball

Remember when tug-of-war was an Olympic sport? Let’s bring that back. I think I knew that Handball was a thing or that it was even in the Olympics. I’m guessing I would watch it based on my enjoyment of watching any field sport (soccer, rugby, football. And basketball. And other sports and stuff.)


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