Jackie’s Favorite Olympic Sports


5. Opening Ceremonies 

Sure. We can disqualify this if we’re being picky and technical. OOOOOR we can allow it because I’m making the rules this week. This is where the Olympics games begin. We get all hyped off seeing our nations flag, our favorite athletes, the torch. The world comes together here in solidarity and friendly competition to be a part of something bigger. Every opening ceremony is beautiful and touching. SO IT’S ON MY LIST AS #1.

4. Snowboarding

I’m fascinated by people who push the theories of gravity and physics. Everything I know about winter sports comes from the Winter Olympics beginning with Snowboarding. Because the tropical islands of my people nor the woods of South Carolina have much to say about winter olympics.

3. Sport Climbing 

My husband think climbing as an olympic event is stupid because it should never be a competition. “It’s between you and the rock.” (Yeah, he’s one of those climbers.) Makes sense, I suppose. But I’m still looking forward to watching this in the Olympics and seeing how some of the greats will do. Also curious to see who will be participating and if we’ll recognize any names.

2. Curling

Curling is a strange sport to me. Like, what even? But it is SO intense. It’s a sport that perfectly demonstrates grace, poise, precision, communication, team work. I mean, sure you get that stuff from gymnastics or figure skating, but personally, Curling is my jam.

1. Synchronized Swimming

These crazies are flipping and tossing and catching each other and making zentangles art with their freakin’ face and limbs and I’m over here like, I’ll take a mango daiquiri while I think about NOT swimming, thanks. Russia kills it every time. 2012 was my favorite. That insanity at 2:11 blew my mind. This year they took a different approach but still dominated and went home with gold.




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