Matt’s Greatest Disappearances

5. MH370

As with any mysterious disappearance, conspiracy theories abound but this is a tragedy that left behind thousands of grieving  family and friends. The search still continues to this day but the fervor and financing for the discovery mission is waning. While the search chapter may be closing soon, my hope is that those affected by this tragedy will one day heal.


4. Amelia Earhart

A fearless woman daring enough to do something that had never been done before. As with many others who put themselves in risky situations, she unfortunately met her end but no one knows how. People still be searching for her even though she would be like 119 years old. Come on now.

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3. D.B. Cooper

I am D.B. Cooper.


2. Captain Donner

Have you heard of the Michigan Triangle? Similar occurrences to the Bermuda Triangle but one particular incident is stranger. That of the ship captain who disappeared from his quarters on the ship. He straight up vanished and no one knows what happened to him. Either he entered a wormhole and is living on some alien planet or God just took him home that day.


1. Tupac

He lives! But where? Watch and listen:


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