Matt’s Wars To Be Remembered


5. War on Sin

Longest war of all of history starting from the ejection from Eden to Jesus death on the cross circa 33 AD. The one war I fully support and will be glad to see the consummation of history make things right again and thus do away with war of any kind, including the one on sin, forever.


4. The 335 Year War

The second longest war that lasted until 1986 between the Netherlands and the Isle of Scilly where no blood was shed. If you are going to fight a war at least do it where no one dies. This is how war should be done.


3. Gombe Chimpanzee War

Yay human beings are not the only creatures to fight wars! Ugh. Actually that is not a thing to celebrate. Everything is terrible.


2. Anglo-Zanzibar War

For the short attention spanned solider, a war that lasted only 38 mins but unlike the largest war, 501 people died. I appreciate the short length of the war but not the deaths.


1. The War on Drugs

Devastating, especially to African-American men and their families. Read the infographic above and see if the War on Drugs was “worth it”.  Hint: It wasn’t.


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