Commentary: Matt’s Bucket List

Jeremy’s Commentary –

5. Eat Bird Nest Soup

I  don’t want to eat a bird’s nest. It sounds way too crunchy for my taste. Plus, why would I pay $1000 for something that I could find in my neighborhood? This is weird. This is just a ploy to get our money. It’s probably just made from twigs they found behind the restaurant, and they can charge $1000 from unsuspecting patrons because they’re…well, unsuspecting.

4. Run a Marathon

This one is so easy to check off. Just run around your block about 27 times. And since you’ll be close to your house you can easily crawl to the couch when you collapse from exhaustion and sleep for the rest of your days.

3. Brew Good Craft Beer

I’ll drink Matt’s beer. I believe in him. I believe he can do it with minimal investment. What counts is not the equipment but the motivation and drive, and I believe he has that. Come on, Matt, what are you waiting for? While you’re out training for your marathon run to the brew supply store, buy some malts and hops and yeast, and make that beer!

2. Visit Thomaskirche in Leipzig

Count me in! (more on this later)

1. Go To Space

They say that in space no one can hear you scream. Our lives are nothing but a continual scream, a long cry into the darkness. We scream for others to hear us so that we don’t feel so alone. Ergo, space is the pinnacle of loneliness. Why do you want to be alone Matt?

Jackie’s Commentary –

5. Eat Bird Nest Soup

You guys. Stop. Bird’s Nest Soup is made from petrified saliva. The type of bird this nest comes from makes it FROM IT’S SALIVA AND NOTHING ELSE. Matt has put saliva – which is actually more noodle-y and rubbery than crunchy – floating around in a bowl of water on his bucket list. That’s gross. You gross, Matt. Stoppit.

4. Run a Marathon

I like Jeremy’s plan. Minus the running.

3. Brew Good Craft Beer

Brew it up, bro! Every day you get closer to death. Just jump in now before it’s too late!

2. Visit Thomaskirche in Leipzig

This is a super cool pick. And such a Matt-pick! I’ve been to Germany a few times and I’ve loved every visit. When I get the opportunity to go again (*one day*), I’d like to visit Thomaskirche, as well.

1. Go To Space

Typical Matt. Going to SPACE and stuff. If you never get to go, you can have your ashes launched into SPACE. Your kids can come up with lots of stories of your ash adventures in Space. Hm. I have a creepy children’s book idea brewing.




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