Commentary: Jeremy’s Best Kanye Moments

Matt’s Commentary –

5. Helping Others

Another rapper who is wildly popular and a major radio star (crazy to think that radio still has a significant presence in the days of streaming), will leverage up and coming artists so that he can remain relevant with whatever the hottest new thing is. Unlike the former Degrassi star, Kanye collaborates with other artists to highlight their abilities and to bring that artist to a wider audience. So who has the ego?

4. Working Hard

Being extremely busy with various projects and trying to go entrepreneurial with his fashion line is exactly the type of traits that conservatives should applaud and support in regards to Kanye.

3. Admitting his mistakes

Besides apologizing to George Bush, he apologized to Taylor Swift about that infamous mic snatching moment at the VMAs.  No joke. He asked for Taylor’s forgiveness and then publicly admitted that he was wrong to do what he did. If this isn’t repentance, I don’t know what is. But then again, he rightfully received pushback on a line from “Famous” off of his new album, where he refers to this situation and calls Taylor the b-word. It is unclear if that song is showing the state he was in at the time of the incident or his feelings now but I hope he truly was repentant of what he did to Taylor at the VMAs.

2. “Hey Momma”

The relationship that Kanye had with his mom was so strong and has had a long-lasting influence on his life. I think because of that bond, it has in many ways held him back from going down very dark paths that are clearly tempting him in his heart. I find it amazing that Kanye can have so much respect as being so real as a rapper but also at the same time express immense love for his mom and sadness when she passed on.

1. Search for God

Absolutely agree. Kanye is all over the map with his emotions, desires and thoughts and yet, you hear in his music that tug he feels toward the divine. I sense that pull even more now in his life than back when “Jesus Walks” came out in 2004. Are there a lot of signs that he is a long way off from God still? Yes. But also, there are hints that he is going on a different path. Sure it is a struggle for him but that slow, continuous sanctification is something we all go through as Christians. Pray for Kanye.


Jackie’s Commentary –

5. Helping Others

I’ve forgotten how Kanye operates within his craft before this week. For those who only know Kanye through memes and tabloids, they’ll never really know how much Kanye helps other artists make their vision a reality. Despite his most talked about antics, he has a lot to offer and has offered so much already to the hip hop world.

4. Working Hard

This guy definitely knows the value of hard work. I mean, you can’t be an artist, a producer, a fashion designer, frequent collaborator, entrepreneur, husband, father, Christian by being lazy and complacent. You really have to be proactive, compassionate, and knowledgeable in what you’re doing.

3. Admitting his mistakes

In a moment of frustration, Kanye called the President racist. Probably not the best move. But I mean, that one group came out with that one song about President Bush not caring about black people using Kanye’s Gold Digger .

 2. “Hey Momma”

I don’t know much about his relationship with Mama West, but I remember an interview he did once (back when he was wearing a backpack everywhere he went) and he talked about wanting to drop out of college but not wanting to embarrass his mom because she was the head of the English department. I always thought that was a very sweet thing for an upcoming artist in the hip-hop scene of that time to say. He did eventually drop out but whatevs.  She seemed to always be proud of her son, as moms tend to be.  I’m sure there’s a study out there in the scientific world that evaluates the relationships between male rappers and their mothers that I’d be interested in.

1. Search for God

Pray for Kanye.


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