A Company of Awesomeness

As much as we here are the 5ive Blog are fans of the number “5”, we’re also fans of the number “3”. And we certainly aren’t alone. “3” has been an important number throughout history. Think of how often the number occurs in the Bible, or in Dante’s Divine Comedy, or in the music of The White Stripes.  It’s a number that occurs throughout nature, in triangles and circles which are everywhere. It’s the first non-even prime number, and part in so many cool mathematical properties.

We’re also really big fans of movies. So when one of our favorite numbers intersects with one of our favorite pastimes, magic happens (or doesn’t happen–yes, I’m looking at you, Wachowski’s) in the cinematic event known as the trilogy. We’re joined by our friend Brandon (he’s the third guest contribute of the month!)  in what is hopefully a Neo-free discussion of our favorite movie trilogies.


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