World of Tomorrow

That is the thing about the present, Emily Prime. You only appreciate it when it is the past.  – Emily

Since Netflix added this 15 minute animated short from Don Hertzfeldt a couple of weeks ago to instant streaming, Jeremy, Jacqueline and I have been obsessing over the film. It was Jeremy who first told me that I should watch it as soon as possible and my fiancée and I took in a viewing that very night. I laughed but could sense an element of sadness throughout and on repeated viewings it become sadder and more complex of a film. Because the film struck a chord with Jeremy, Jacqueline and I, we felt it necessary to share our thoughts on this profound film. However, we are switching things up this week and we collaboratively selected our five favorite scenes with each one of us providing our thoughts on each scene. To catch up to speed make sure to watch the film and then join us in the discussion.


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