May God’s Love Be With You

David Bowie was fairly unique among cultural icons. His impact and influence on world is probably most evident in the countless tributes that have been written about him since his death last week. I don’t really have much to add, mostly because I’m wholly unqualified to do so (for a great little essay on one aspect of Bowie, I recommend you read Matt’s piece). I haven’t had much interaction with his work, but the interactions I have had have all been positive.

Bowie was an artist that worked in many different mediums, and in many different styles within those mediums. Rather than focusing on his output as a whole, we’re gonna focus on one of those particular arenas–his acting career. He was more than just a musician  who was competent at acting; he was a truly good actor. He did mostly small roles, but they were small only in a time-on-screen standpoint. He was one of those actors whose appearance on the screen brought delight, and could make a rather mediocre movie memorable.



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