Commentary: Matt’s Greatest Sidekicks of All Time

Jeremy’s Commentary–

5. Teller to Penn

There have been many comedy duos. There have also been many magician duos. But there aren’t many comedy-magician duos, and none are better than Penn and Teller. I’d argue, however, that Teller is not the sidekick–it only seems that way because Teller never speaks. Their’s is an equal partnership. Furthermore, I think even Penn would admit (and not just in a false humility sort of way) that Teller is the better magician. So maybe not a sidekick, but certainly a great partner.

4. R2-D2 to C-3PO, Luke, Leia and Anakin Skywalker, Han Solo, etc.

Here is where we run into the different between a sidekick and an assistant. There is a great deal of overlap between the two, but we need to be interested in the differences. I think of a sidekick as a pseudo-partner. This person is there along side (hence the name) the protagonist/antagonist through all their adventures/schemes. Can you really be a sidekick to a group of people? I think that unnecessarily blurs the lines. Undoubtedly R2-D2 gets all those characters out of many different jams, but I sidekick needs to do more than that, such as providing banter and counter-balance to the mainkick. R2-D2 sort of does that to C-3PO, but then C-3PO is sort of a sidekick to…I don’t know who. This one is a bit too messy for me. Let’s move along.

3. Cosmos Brown to Don Lockwood


Cosmos had no chance of making my list, but he’s still a great choice. Gene Kelley is primo and almost no one can upstage him, but, as Matt points out, O’Connor does a really good job at letting Kelly shine even more. That’s what being a sidekick is ultimately about. It’s being a reflector that allows the mainkick to shine even more. Great work, Cosmos.

2. Barney Fife to Andy Griffith

Good ole Barney. It’s fascinating how many of the stories revolve around him. He’s literally the sidekick in that he is the deputy (that word comes from the Latin for sidekick), but ofttimes it’s Andy that’s supporting Barney. He defies categorization while at the same time defining it (don’t ask me what I mean by that, but it sounded great in my head). 

1. Aaron to Moses

I intentionally avoided real-life choices like this (unless Matt doesn’t think Aaron and Moses actually existed, in which case we have to do some talking), though I did consider some. Be that as it may, Aaron is a great choice. Moses is the one most people remember (he even had a covenant named after him), but even a cursory review of the Exodus story shows that Moses would not have been able to do much of anything without Aaron. And like all great sidekicks, Aaron does his duty, and then fades into the shadows, like tears in the rain or whatever (Happy belated birthday, Roy Batty!).

Jackie’s Commentary–

5. Teller to Penn

I love these guys! They’re so much fun. Teller’s facial expressions to Penn’s commentary is hilarious. Great duo.

4. R2-D2 to C-3PO, Luke, Leia and Anakin Skywalker, Han Solo, etc. 

Totes. I get it. Even though he serves in a sidekick capacity to several (if not all) the Star Wars heroes, he aint to fair-weather friend. R2-D2 is like, the chameleon of sidekicks. He’s loyal his each individual fully. I’m pretty sure only a droid would be able to manage that.

3. Cosmos Brown to Don Lockwood


Another fun pairing! I didn’t even think about this pairing but it’s a legit one for sure.

2. Barney Fife to Andy Griffith

“He defies categorization while at the same time defining it.” I want this on the back of a shirt. On the front would be Barney’s face. 

1. Aaron to Moses

Checkit: from Aaron we get brotherly love, faithfulness, loyalty, humility, and a willing desire to serve. I’m thinking Aaron was the model for Samwise. Which still makes my #1 choice as biblical as fantasy gets. (Aside from Chronicles of Narnia, duh.) 


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