Commentary: Jackie’s Best Movie Soundtrack Songs (1980’s – Present)

Howie’s Commentary:

5. All By Myself – An opening credits sequence? Nice twist! I had forgotten that song was even in the movie. No one does endearing, unrequited love angst like a Brit, or like Renee Z playing a Brit. I’m thinking there’s spin off list potential here – top 5 British movie soundtrack songs – there would be a lot to choose from. I like my chick flicks to be very British – they just generally write about romance better. This song was originally recorded by Eric Carmen, so guy’s get lonely too!, but we slosh JD or a nice pale ale.

4. Where is My Mind – You Xer/millennials just kind of lose me here. I didn’t like “Fight Club”, and wasn’t overly impressed with the “twist” at the end. I’d probably like the book better I suppose. It’s a catchy song, but I can’t connect to the music in a scene that I’m completely baffled by. To be fair, I felt the same way about “The Usual Suspects” – both overrated, confusing films with ho-hum twists.  First rule of “Keeping Your Man Card” – don’t admit you hate “The Usual Suspects” and “Fight Club” in a room full of guys. It gets ugly.

3. Tiny Dancer – If I were to ask my friends in my generation (age 45-55) what their all-time favorite song is, I’m guessing this one might get the most mentions. It’s certainly cross-generational though. This is one of those “perfect song for the scene” moments. Frances McDormand became my all-time favorite movie mom in this film.  And no one puts Penny Lane in a corner.

2. Don’t You Forget About Me – We need audio for this thread, with this song on loop in the background. I wonder what would happen to a kid today if a flare gun went off in his locker. I do know that Anthony Michael Hall wouldn’t have had detention that day. Simpler times weren’t that long ago.

1. Golden Years – I thought “you can change your stars” was the theme of this movie. Maybe though, it’s “bullshit your way through life until you just can’t anymore. And then EFF IT ALL!” Hmm, I think I like that take better, at least for this scene. If you’re gonna fake it till you make though, it helps to have an enabling, beautiful princess in your corner. It’s a great scene and a great Bowie song. As long you don’t go into this film expecting “Braveheart”, you’re gonna have a blast.

Matt’s Commentary :

5. All By Myself – REALLY? This is a great song choice for that opening scene but really? Too gooey, too sappy, too sentimental, too bland, too vanilla, too much. Can’t say I’ve ever liked this song and can think of a million other songs that express this sentiment better. But you know what? When I was depressed and lonely, I sang and cried to songs that were just as embarrassing. I get it guuuuurl. You sang the hell out of the song, Bridget.

4. Where is My Mind – Here is another great combination that works in the film only and elevates what is an annoying song to a higher level than it deserves. I love Fight Club  to death but outside of this final scene I don’t ever want to hear The Pixies invade the air in my house, car or office. No, thank you.

3. Tiny Dancer – I recently watched this excellent little jewel of a film after having avoiding it for many years because of a poorly done trailer and a premise that sounded uninteresting. Viewing this scene in isolation, this moment comes across as kitschy and quite frankly laughable. But by golly if it doesn’t make complete sense within the rest of the narrative and is a powerful moment of reconciliation between the band members.

2. Don’t You Forget About Me – I won’t argue about the placement of this song because I am glad to see that it also appeared on your list. Basically, we can all agree this song totally deserves to be near the top of any list of best soundtrack songs. I dare anyone to disagree with us three on this.

1. Golden Years – What I really want to say is this is a weak choice for a movie and scene but dammit I can’t because Bowie makes any party better. You really know the way to my musical heart, Jackie. You really do.


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