Top 5ive Favorite Horror Films: Matt


5. The Ring. I don’t really care if the original Japanese version is better or if Japanese horror, in general, is a more worthy endeavor than this film but dammit if this shit didn’t scare me. Could not sleep that night as the TV screen stared blankly at me in my bedroom waiting for an inopportune moment to hiss on in white noise with a experimental student film of my nightmares. But guess what? I must be a glutton for punishment because I went back over and over again to rewatch the film. Maybe with the hope that there is a clue buried somewhere deep in the film that the videotape could be eternally destroyed but that is something I never found. Haunting.


4. The People Under the Stairs. After Wes Craven’s death, Blake turned me onto this excellent, excellent film. I love a film that not only subverts its genre but also subverts and provides commentary on our society/culture. This film does both without hitting you over the head with social commentary and is really entertaining. Blake, please write a piece on this.


3. It Follows. For months Blake’s Facebook page consisted of a steady stream of praise on this independent horror film and not much else. It Follows is great, you guys. Disasterpeace’s score is fantastic, you guys. It Follows, is one of my favorite new horror films, you guys. I just bought the soundtrack on vinyl, you guys. Ok Blake, I’ll bite. First, I listened to the soundtrack on Spotify through headphones. Meh, not that great. Then I watched the film. Blake was right. This is a great horror film and the Disasterpeace score is best experienced through a good soundsystem. Why do you ask? Because it will shake the glasses in your kitchen cabinets and that my friends, is some truly powerful music.


2. Jacob’s Ladder. I love a film that has a healthy dose of “What the hell is going on here?”-ness (one of the reasons why I watched Martyrs, despite Blake’s warnings not to). This movie has plenty of that and adds in horror-ish type material. The reason I keep going back to it is that I don’t feel like the ending fully explains what was going on. I think there is another layer of meaning happening here that I have yet to unlock.


1. Army of Darkness. Until I met Blake, I had a hard time taking horror as a genre seriously. Seeing the endless stream of trailers of horror movies over the past decade on my TV screen didn’t help. Therefore, there was a soft spot in my heart for movies that spoofed the genre like the Scream or Scary Movie series of films. But one film that had me at the first viewing, and grew on me even more in repeated viewings, is Army of Darkness. I loved the campy-ness of it all and enjoyed how silly Bruce Campbell is throughout. This was a horror movie I could get behind because it was not only hilarious but it also was respectful of the genre, even though at the time I had little respect for it myself.


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