Top 5ive Scary Places: Commentary on Jeremy’s List

Blake’s Commentary – 

5. The School Principal’s Office. I never got sent to the principal’s office for anything bad, so I never feared the slap of the wooden paddle. Matter of fact, the principal’s office generally denoted special awards of some sort for me. So. Not scary at all, Jeremy, semantics be damned.

4. The Stanley Hotel. This is a terrific choice. Not only did it influence King’s book and, ultimately, Kubrick’s film, but the hotel itself has some crazy stuff that has reportedly gone down according to legends, the staff and visitors of the hotel. Check out the terrific Lore Podcast, Episode 10: Steam & Gas, to find out just how creepy this place could be. Excellent choice, Jeremy.

3. The Minefields in Croatia. This is one of those scenarios where you probably have a better chance of just walking through the field without thinking about it rather than planning your maneuvers. Or as Martin Blank put it in Grosse Pointe Blank, “Dumb. Fucking. Luck.” Once again, Jeremy, is playing the semantics game and though the fear of being blown up into a million chunks of flesh, bone and tendon is quite appalling and unappealing, I don’t find it “scary.”

2. Any NRA Convention. Never been to an NRA convention, so I don’t know, but I would bet its considerably less frightening than walking through a gun show in the Panhandle of Texas where “less than legal” barters and deals are being struck between private gun sellers and crazy, racist, redneck patriots. THAT is truly frightening. At least the NRA has to keep a facade of legitimacy going.

1. Any concentration camp. Yeah, still don’t find it scary. Sorry. See my commentary on Matt’s list for why that is the case

Matt’s Commentary – 

5. The School Principal’s Office. I was too good of a kid to ever have a rational fear of this space so no frights or scares are conjured up when I think of this office. A more frightening place as an adult is being called into the Human Resources Manager’s office because if ever have to speak with them you are probably going to get fired.

4. The Stanley Hotel. I doubt I could be paid enough money to step foot into this hotel as the Kubrick film did enough to creep me out for many lifetimes. Without that film coloring my perception of what is otherwise an inviting hotel with beautiful architecture I would be glad to spend at least a week there. But now the gorgeousness of that place has been ruined forever. Thanks, Kubrick.

3. The Minefields in Croatia. Precarious and dangerous it would be to walk through that area of Croatia. Would I be ill at ease as a take each step? Yes. Would fear beset in as the pad of my foot touched what might be ground but might be a mine? Yes. But I wouldn’t be scared in the traditional sense of horror movie scares.

2. Any NRA Convention. I don’t know how these things go down but I would imagine that everyone is open carrying their loaded guns with the safety off. Why one would want to place themselves in that assumed environment is beyond me. I am surprised there hasn’t been more accidental killings at these conventions or any gun conventions.

1. Any concentration camp. While I don’t think there are any such things as ghosts, that you are in the same place as so many people who were killed can make one feel like their presence looms large in that place. That knowledge is what disturbs and scares me when I think of this place.


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