Top 5ive Character Actors: Commentary on Blake’s List

Jeremy’s Commentary–

5. Jack Elam. Sure. I can’t say that I recognize him, but I’ve seen several movies he’s in (most notably Once Upon A Time in the West, though I don’t remember him in it), so why not. He was even in an episode of “Home Improvement”!

4. Donal Logue. Blake has talked up “Terriers” before, but I have yet to see an episode. Unfortunately, none of his roles really stood out in my mind. Plus, he was never on “Home Improvement”. Sorry.

3. Mykelti Williamson. I loved Williamson’s character in “Justified”. It didn’t dawn on me on that he was Bubba in Forest Gump until I read Blake’s post. Williamson is really perfect for this list. He’s one of those guys who’s so reliable. His malleable enough that he can fit into almost anything, to the point that you don’t always know it’s him. But he’s distinctive enough that you can recall some of his individual performances (even if you don’t know it’s him, as I pointed out earlier).

2. John Hawkes. I’d join any cult he’s in. I’d buy meth from him. He’s the guy. Matt really needs to watch one of his movies.

1. Willem Dafoe. Dafoe has enough leading man parts in films to not really be a character actor. Still, I agree with Blake. His most memorable roles were supporting ones (with maybe The Last Temptation of Christ being the grand exception). His performance in Shadow of a Vampire is fantastic, and you should definitely watch it if you haven’t already. It’s pretty surprising that, being such a fan, Blake forgot one of Dafoe’s most iconic roles–Sgt. Elias in Platoon.

Matt’s Commentary–

5. Jack Elam. Is that blood running down his lip? I hope he is a vampire in that image because if not, that is disturbing. You choose a guy who eats human flesh, drinks their blood and is a human. What messed up kind of communion is this? Zero stars on this choice, Blake. I am horrified.

4. Donal Logue. Face is recognizable but his work as an actor is a mist in the flashes of memories that reside in the farthest reaches of my mind. Distant, a brief essence, a tingling on my tongue, a vague recollection that guy was in a movie I saw once. Gone are the vapors of his characters, mere mirages that upon further inspection reveal that yes, indeed that guy does exist but only as a passing thought. He’s like a subliminal message of another time, you know that guy is there but who is he really? A figment of your wildest dreams or a firmament between alternate realities of the mind. One can only say when graced with the briefest glimpse of his presence on the screen, “That Guy!”

3. Mykelti Williamson. Having only seen Bubba Gump: Revenge of the Forrest, I can’t say I am familiar with the rest of Mykelti’s acting. As Bubba, I enjoyed his performance alongside Tom Hanks and I really wanted to try out all the different types of shrimp his character came up with. Because I love shrimp so much and do not have it nearly enough, I give Williamson 3 thumbs out of 4.

2. John Hawkes. But seriously guys… who is this?

1. Willem Dafoe. No beef on my end with this choice. Leading roles be damned, Dafoe is a damned fine actor. Personal favorite role of his was as Green Goblin in the Spiderman movies because I love superhero movies and Spiderman. Sure he has far better roles that he excelled in but there is a special place in my little spidey-heart that can’t get enough of him as that iconic Spiderman villain.



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  1. Gotta agree with the Donal Logue pick. Distinctive in his own Irish chubby way. Really started liking his work after I watched “The Dao of Steve” years ago.


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