Top 5ive Character Actors: Matt

5. H. John Benjamin. For off-kilter animated comedies, H. John is your man and is best known as the voice of Archer on the Cartoon Network series of the same name or as Bob Belcher on Bob’s Burgers. But he was also the voice of Ben Katz on Dr. Katz and Jason Penopolis on the crudely animated and cult classic, Home Movies. Voice actors don’t get a ton of cred for their work but H. John is someone who is consistently great in creating unique characters with solely his voice.

4. Brendan Gleeson. In BrugesCalvaryBraveheartHarry Potter, Mission ImpossibleThe Village. Do I need to go on? Gleeson has been in everything from summer blockbusters to critically-acclaimed dramas and owns them all. In addition, he is one handsome beast of a man and beats out that other supposed Irish stud, Colin Farrell.

3. Andy Serkis. Two roles, for me, display the greatness of Serkis’ acting, The Lord of the Rings where he played the grey-skinned hobbit, Gollum, and The Planet of the Apes as the chimpanzee Caesar. Yes in both roles we only see a computer rendering of whatever motion capture was able to pick up and translate into digitized images but Serkis was able to fully embody non-human characters in some pretty amazing ways. Beyond impressive is what I would call his ability to envelope himself into characters that often times don’t form words but merely grunt, snort, sigh, growl, etc.

2. Christopher Walken. It is freaking Christopher Walken. How could you not love this guy? First, he isn’t afraid to make fun of himself. Second, he is an incredibly gifted actor. Third, this boy can dance. Fourth, he needs more cowbell like we all do. Fifth, he may be running for VP of the United States of Freaking America (according to a meme I saw last week).

1. Daniel Day Lewis. From playing arguably one of the best POTUS in history to an oil tycoon to a settler fighting for the lives of Native Americans, Lewis is one of those rare actors who audiences can easily forget about Lewis the actor. I remember being shocked the first time I saw an image of him where we wasn’t in the role of a character. And then finding out the roles he had played in movies without making the connection that I was seeing the same actor across those disparate films. My reaction was the same, “Wait that was Daniel Day Lewis in that film?” He is a chameleon of an actor in the best way as he is a recognizable name but unrecognizable as himself in his films. Hell, I’d be hard pressed to find any actor, character or not, better than him.




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