Top 5ive Meals We Love To Cook: Matt

Growing up my family was poor and most of our meals consisted of a half of a piece of T-bone steak that had been broiled to rubber. I am thankful and fortunate that in adulthood  I have been able enjoy meals that not only have better quality meat but include grains, vegetables and sometimes fruit. Also not gonna lie, I’m a novice to cooking meals as I have only been doing it for a couple years now. But I love to experiment when my go to meals become boring and that is how I happened upon some of the meals below.


5. Grilled Chicken, Garlic Alfredo Orzo Pasta and Artichoke. This is a variation of the only complete meal I had when I was a kid. The original was a broiled pork chop (burnt to a crisp, of course), Kraft Mac and Cheese, artichoke and apple sauce. In the updated version I season the chicken with garlic salt and pepper and cook it on my gas grill. Orzo is an uncommon type of pasta that in appearance looks like large pieces of white rice to which I add a light touch of alfredo sauce with fresh garlic. Lastly, I cook the artichoke boiling it in water that has been flavored with balsamic and garlic. Simple, fresh and oh so good.


4. Scrambled Eggs and Sausage. I am just impressed with myself that I can cook scrambled eggs while simultaneously cooking artichoke and cheese sausage and not burning either. This is no small task and took a bit of time to master but there is a certain pleasure in being able to challenge yourself like you are a short order cook at a Denny’s. Also serves as a quick, dirty, simple and high protein breakfast to start your day off right.


3. Stuffed Bell Peppers. Not that big of a fan of tomato-based sauce so I use white or alfredo sauce. I season the ground beef with steak seasoning, fill up the green bell pepper with sun dried tomatoes, rice and red bell peppers. And of course, I smother it in cheese. Mmmmmm, so yummy.


2. Fish Tacos. New addition to my repertoire as of last week. Rolled egg-soaked pieces of mahi mahi in bread crumbs mixed with lemon pepper. Pan-fried the fish and placed it in a warmed tortilla. Topped off the taco with mixed greens, homemade tartar sauce, and shredded jack and cheddar cheese.

Flatbread Naan Pizza

1. Grilled Naan Pizza. A meal I haven’t had the pleasure of cooking in some time but one where the preparation is as much fun as the actually grilling of the pizza. Throw on some pizza sauce, sprinkle your favorite cheese, then top with whatever you like. Naan is an Indian bread that tends to hold together better than pita bread on the grill and tastes delicious. After about 5-10 minutes of grilling you have the perfect personalized pizza.









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