The Great Outdoors


Ah, the great outdoors! So named, legend says, because at the time of its utterance, the indoors had yet to be invented. But even if it had, what wonders do the buildings of man contain that could compare to the wonders of Creation?

Don’t answer that.

Just bask in the glory of treasured and glorious memories of summertime cookouts, family football games played against the backdrop of autumn’s red and golden hues, and winter trips to the nearest ski slopes. Smile fondly as you recall annual springtime pilgrimages into the woods for the sake of family camping trips. No electricity, no running water, no modern conveniences. Just a man and his family against all that nature could throw against them.

This week the 5ive Takeover continues as Zachary, Connor, and Brian list their Top 5ive Outdoor Activities. Expect Zachary to continue his trend of representing the common man and his struggles while Connor tries to convinces everyone that baking pies is an outdoor activity. As for Brian, well, no one really knows what he’s doing or what criteria he uses, so expect anything. Except an actual, sensible list.

Grab your sunscreen and your bug-spray, people. This week will be equal parts bright, shining choices and annoying, pesky commentary.


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