Top 5ive Best Slyvester Stallone Movies: Commentary on Blake’s List

Ian’s Commentary –

5. Rambo (2008) – 2008, that’s the age Stallone is in this movie right? That’s what I thought. Nothing America loves more than watching old dudes act like they’re not old. I’m a terrible American. 0/8 Brownies

4. Cobra – I have no qualms with this choice at this spot. I didn’t pick it, but to each their own. 4/7 Cupcakes

3. First Blood – Good choice. Good number. Glad we can agree. 5/5 Ice Cream Cones

2. Get Carter – LOLJK.

1. Cop Land – A Land full of Cops? That sounds like the worst idea ever. Who will deliver the newspapers, bake brownies, or make ice cream? When everyone is a cop, no one is a cop. If you really think about it. I don’t understand the point of how this is supposed to work. Who coppers the cops? Maybe I’ll watch this one. Could be interesting.

Matt’s Commentary –

5. Rambo (2008) – Really? You chose the new Rambo? Could it really be that great compared to the original or any of the other Rambo movies?

4. Cobra – Is this the one where he goes, “I’m tired of all these mother f*cking cobras on this plane”? If it isn’t then I ain’t interested.

3. First Blood – Choice is good. Rambo is cool, man.

2. Get Carter – Playing up the stereotypes with this one. Just because he is of Italian descent doesn’t mean he has to be a gangster.

1. Cop Land – Any land that is full of cops sounds like a horrible idea. Period.


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