Top 5ive Best Slyvester Stallone Movies: Ian

5. Get Carter – LOLJK.


4. Over the Top – Sly has been estranged from his son thanks to his truck driving ways. The only way to win back his son’s love? Arm. Wrestling. He does it and he does it in typical Sly style. 4 stars. Great fun for the whole family.


3. First Blood – The movie that started it all. Or something. You can’t not have a Rambo film on a Stallone list.


2. Rocky – Arguably Stallone’s best character ever. So why is it only number 2? Because it can’t beat the number one pick. That’s how these things work.


1. Demolition Man – Setting aside the fact that this movie accurately predicts that Scott Peterson will be in jail and that Schwarzenegger will be the governor of California (if only they had been right about his presidential aspirations!), this is movie has some pretty great things to say about society. What happens when we’re all so offended that we create a society where curse words are fined for breaking a “verbal morality contract”? Where we become so consumed with things being sterile so we can stay safe, that we forget to really live? All I know is, I hope I never have to live in a world where rat burgers are the only burgers. Plus Denis Leary plays a mole person. So this movie is pretty much on point beginning to end.



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  1. When Over the Top and Get Carter make a Stallone top 5 list…..well, Iet’s just say I don’t fault the person making the list…..there isn’t much thespianism and artistry to choose from in the body of work – but there’s one Stallone performance (non-franchise film) in particular that arguably rivaled and perhaps surpassed Rocky – let’s see if anyone has it.

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