Top 5ive 80s Pro Wrestlers: Sarah

Julie the Juicer

5. Julie the Juicer. Often overlooked as a top female wrestler, Julie the Juicer (Suzanne Fletcher) was the real deal. She may have dialed back the glam factor in her act, but this only served to highlight the fact that she was capable of actual wrestling moves in the ring. The only girl in a family of 5, Julie the Juicer learned to wrestle from her brothers, three of whom were all-state in her home state of Illinois. She never achieved the heights of WWE superstardom but wrestling fans were dazzled. She’s the only one on this list with a fan club that is still in existence.

Mullet Man4. Mullet Man. The Man was greater than his hair. Or even his suspenders. Again, he was no superstar but his simple approach to keeping his spandex north of the equator and his moves smokin’ hot made him a fan-favorite. Often cast as meat-and-potatoes fodder for flashier stars warming up for their main villain  in the ring, the Mullet Man nevertheless always managed to deliver a fantastic show.

Blastin' Babs3. Blastin’ Babs. Barbara Mae Williams earned her stage name, Blastin’ Babs, with her signature movie, The Gunshot. She looks slight, especially compared to the steroid-fueled 300-pound crop of current female wrestlers but her opponents learned not to underestimate her. The Gunshot, arms extended in a sort of quick draw that would be the equivalent of a blast to the gut (no doubt a mortal wound if real firearms were involved) was a thing of beauty and so was Blastin’ Babs. I never thought I’d be sentimental about 80s wrestling, but I miss the days of substance over antics.

Original Hulk

2. Hulk (The Original). Little known fact: there was a Hulk before the Hulk that preceded Hulk (Hogan). This dude, known as Pedro the Hulk (also known as Pedro the Donkey), was a hit on the aforementioned Basement Circuit. The Basement Circuit featured acts that were blatantly ripped off by big promoters who counted on the fact that a wrestler’s obscurity meant that it was virtually impossible to maintain any ownership of a wrestler’s stage persona. Pedro the Hulk specialized in the sort of sheer physical dominance that came to dominate high dollar WWE & WWF wrestling.


1. Mis-Chief. Already discussed in posts from Jeremy and Blake. It’s only fitting that Mis-Chief be number one, since, not only was he a fantastic wrestler (and an under-appreciated one at that), Mis-Chief is really what pro-wrestling in this country is all about. Bizarre gimmicks, crazy costumes, and a disturbing level of cultural appropriation.


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