The 5ive Salute to Ian McLoud

Due to an increasingly demanding schedule in school and ministry, Ian McLoud will be ending his time at The 5ive Blog. Matthew and I have mad respect for the self-proclaimed #wildcard of our group and we are sad to see him go, but we know that his #wildcard status will not end with this blog. So below, Matthew and I will give our top 5ive favorite things about Ian McLoud as we salute the man, the myth, the legend.

Top 5ive Favorite Things About Ian McLoud: Blake

5. His glasses – Man, those suckers make him look like a cast member from Mad Men.
4. His dog, Lucy – Good looking dog whom I actually thought was a goat in the first picture I saw of her.
3. His name – I may be slightly biased because his name…is my middle name. So, you know…
2. “bush league” – the saying that I would eventually commandeer from him, myself. I still don’t know what it means…but, who cares, right?
1. #wildcard – just refused to color in the lines…and, let’s be honest, we all loved him for it.

Top 5ive Favorite Things About Ian McLoud: Matthew

5. Craft Root Beer – Never have known someone so obsessed with root beer as Ian but I guess that’s his thing?
4. Oklahoma – Watermelon may be the state’s vegetable but Ian is the state’s best person.
3. Throwdowns – Ian pulled punches with the best of ’em and while he was demeaning your choices, you couldn’t help but laugh along with him.
2. Humor – No one knows how to stick with a joke the whole week through like Ian and keep it fresh and interesting.
1. #wildcard – Week after week he was consistent in presenting us with at least one choice on his list where he used a flexible definition of the week’s theme and when he did that, it was not only interesting but wonderful and often times funny.

But do not fret…we have a new member to The 5ive Blog. Check back in the morning to see who the newest writer will be for us… 



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