Top 5ive Best Coen Brothers Films: Commentary on Ian’s List

Matt’s Commentary –

5. No Country For Old Men: Finish this movie so that it can be higher up on you list. Glad that it is on the list at least.

4. A Serious Man: Like I told Blake, I really need to see this movie and very soon.

3. Oh Brother Where Art Thou: Wow you were a little bit obsessed, huh? I enjoyed the movie but not on a next level status like you. Surprised that this isn’t higher on your list then.

2. Raising Arizona: I can no longer avoid this movie. I am more than compelled, I’m obligated to watch this movie now.

1. Millers Crossing: Sounds like there is illegal activity and alcohol in this movie. I’m a Christian and I don’t think I should watch this. Might turn me into a drunken gangster and then they’ll sing about me, “What do you do with a drunken gangster?” You trying to make me stumble, bruh?

Blake’s Commentary – 

5. No Country For Old Men: Ian, clearly you do not like the Coen Brothers as much as you say you do if you have STILL not finished this movie. I mean, come on. This should be top 3 material here. I am pretty much writing off your whole list now.

4. A Serious Man: Good movie, good selection, but see the last sentence in #5.

3. Oh Brother, Where Art Thou: Got no qualms with this selection either, though maybe too high AND see the last sentence in #5.

2. Raising Arizona: This is easily Cage’s second best film, but that is akin to saying something like the second least offensive dump that your dog took on the carpet. Maybe top ten. Not top five. And see the last sentence in #5.

1. Miller’s Crossing: This is actually an enlightened pick, but it’s no #wildcard pick. The wildcards in the Coen Brothers catalog would be Intolerable Cruelty, The Ladykillers or The Hudsucker Proxy. Apparently, you are not as #wildcard as I once thought you were.

Oh, and see the last sentence in #5.


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