Top 5ive Best Films by the Coen Brothers: Ian’s List

I’ve had no coffee and not given this as much thought as it deserves. Let’s go:


5. No Country For Old Men: Remember, I haven’t finished this movie. I normally wouldn’t put it on the list, but the film is just so beautifully shot it would be a travesty not to rank it. I haven’t fallen in love with the scenery of a show/movie like this since Breaking Bad. (And I LOVE Breaking Bad.) Very much looking forward to finishing this one. Probably would movie it up to number 2 by then.

tumblr_mg121yC7pi1qkxq7ao1_5004. A Serious Man: Job is without a doubt one of my favorite books of the Bible and this movie is great as a “modern day” retelling. Especially when the friends who give terrible advice end up being self-centered rabbis. The story of the dentist and the goy is terrific, whether it has a point or not. Prepared to be somewhat depressed, but also to laugh at inappropriate times.


3. Oh Brother Where Art Thou: When this movie came out I was a freshmen in high school. I can remember the first time I saw it. I can also remember watching it every day (or thereabouts) for almost 3 weeks after that. The music. The jokes. The play on The Odyssey, which I had just finished reading for fun at the time. I have a hard time seeing George Clooney as anyone other than Ulysses Everett McGill.



2. Raising Arizona: Not only is the film great, but the whole premise is wonderful. Childless couple steals a baby from an extremely fertile couple because they don’t need all their babies. Nicolas Cage before he became Nic Cage. There’s nothing to dislike about this movie.


1. Millers Crossing: Coen Brothers? Check. Prohibition Era setting? Check. Irish Mob bosses? Check. Gangsters? Check. All the things I need to enjoy a great movie.


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