Heartbreakers…Childhood Celebrity Crushes

Sometimes, they actually seemed attainable. Like maybe, in some weird and bizarre moment of destiny, you’d meet and she’d love you for who you were because she was different like that. She’d understand you. Give up everything for you. And, maybe things would work out and you’d get married. Your relationship would be different than the others. It would be real. 

Others were definitively impossible. In a world of long shots, she was no slam dunk, but that didn’t dissuade you from disappearing into absurd daydreams concocted around entirely out-of-touch fantasies where, at the conclusion, it was you and it was her. You pulled her close, pushed the hair back behind her ears and caressed her cheek. Then, you kissed her hand.

When you grew up and experienced a real crush, real butterflies, a real tongue kiss. Then, things changed. Or they damn well should’ve.

But today, we go back to where it all began. In Hollywood. In our televisions. On the big screen. Behind a news desk. On the cover of “Teen People” in line at the grocery store. In a game of MASH on a piece of three-hole notebook paper. They haunted you, inspired you, ruined you and then, somehow, forgot you and moved on. But now, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we forgive them for the heartbreak, for leaving us behind for their career, for acting like that fake kiss didn’t mean anything.

It’s our 5ive Hottest Childhood Celebrity Crushes.


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