Top 5ive Films Starring Jesus (aka Jim Caviezel): Ian

I don’t know why we’re doing this one, but I’ll try and abide by the rules.


5. The Passion of the Christ: We’re calling him Jesus, so it only makes sense that this be on the list. Plus, my parents let me go see an R-rated movie with my youth minister! (Sounds cool, until people realize it was this movie.)


4. Frequency: I genuinely like this movie. It’s a pretty great twist on a coming of age story and time travel. The father/son drama is pretty awesome, too. Well done Jimmy boy.


3. The Count of Monte Cristo: I remember this movie being so cool when it came out. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it, but I think it warrants a 3 spot.


2. The Rock: Who was Jimmy boy in this movie? I have no idea, but according to IMDB he was in it and it’s more enjoyable than the previous 3 movies.


1. Wyatt Earp: Who was Jimmy boy in this movie? A relation to Wyatt Earp. And again, it’s not important. IMDB says he was in it and this is probably the best movie he’s been in. That’s right. I said best he’s been in. (That I’ve seen anyhow.)


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