Top 5ive Films Starring Jesus (aka Jim Caviezel): Blake


 (Jesus calling out in agony)

5. Nature’s Grave (aka Long Weekend): There is nothing scarier than nature fully turned against us. One would think that films pertaining to that concept would be quite good most of the time because it’s so ripe for commentary, however, most of the time, the films end up being more like The Happening and less like Jaws. Even though I still prefer the original Australian film, The Long Weekend, the best, this remake is nearly as effective and Jim Caviezel plays, in my opinion, one of his most stretching roles considering he is usually known to play good guys.


 (Jesus coming back as king of glory)

4. The Count of Monte Cristo: Jim Caviezel, Guy Pearce, greatest sword fight to ever grace the movie screen, and one of the greatest pieces of revenge literature ever written. How can it go wrong? Simply put. It can’t. And it didn’t.


 (Jesus taking on the curse of war and sin)

3. The Thin Red Line: This is probably my second favorite Terrence Malick film behind The Tree of Life. Malick’s grandiose and meaning-infused naturalism gives what could have been another typical American war film an edge that no war film–outside of maybe Apocalypse Now–has achieved. Caviezel’s Private Witt is a soldier-turned-pacifist who has gone AWOL. It was Caviezel’s first critically acclaimed role and it has probably stuck with me the longest of any of his characters.


 (Jesus speaking to the masses)

2. Frequency: This, however, was the first film I ever saw Jim Caviezel in and it still holds a place of honor in my movie pantheon. Is it perfect? No. Does the time travel work out in it? No (but when does it ever?). Nonetheless, there is a profound and touching aspect to the story told and Caviezel’s character, John Sullivan, is the perfect (not perfect) every man. He nailed this role (no pun intended. pun intended.).


 (Jesus seeking vengeance on the “machine” of the world)

1. Highwaymen: So why is this obscure, automotive revenge flick my number one selection for this list? Well, at the time, it was a completely different role for Caviezel and I am a sucker for good vengeance flicks. Also, it is directed by Robert Harmon who helmed one of my all-time favorite horror films, The Hitcher (80s version). It doesn’t hurt that I have had a crush on Rhona Mitra since the first time I saw Boston Legal. AND Caviezel drives my all-time favorite classic car. The film is short, sweet, to the point and has some fabulous action scenes and some terrific dialogue and subtexts to dig into. There is just nothing to hate about this film.


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