Top 5ive Films Starring Jesus (aka Jim Caviezel): Commentary on Matt’s List

Blake’s Commentary – 

5. The Passion of the Christ: The week this film came out, I saw it three separate times with three separate friends. Looking back on the death of my Savior strengthens my faith, looking back on the death this savior caused a crack in my personality forever. Plus, Quentin Tarantino said he loved this film. That, right there, should tell any filmmaker that maybe they were a bit too gratuitous with their violence without much real meaning behind it. Not saying the film is bad, but it’s not great either.

4. Deja Vu: Okay. Caviezel playing a bad guy. Check. Denzel Washington. Check. Tony Scott. Oh. That’s the reason why this movie sucks. In the hands of a better director, this might have been something good. But Tony Scott’s last good film was Spy Game, anything after is more style and no substance.

3. The Prisoner: Gee, Matt, if I had known rules could have been broken then this would have probably been in my top five films somewhere. But, alas, it isn’t a film, therefore it isn’t in my list. Cheater.

2. Frequency: Yep. Perfectly placed, my friend. I have been known to cry during this film, myself. Plus, where else are you gonna find a movie where time travel happens over a ham radio? I mean that is awesome!

1. The Count of Monte Cristo: I really can’t blame you for putting this first in your list. It really is a superb film. However, for me, it is just not quite as re-watchable as it is for you. Nonetheless, this version kills all of the versions that went before it…and, probably, after it, also.

Ian’s Commentary – 

5. The Passion of the Christ: I’ve only ever seen this movie once. In theaters. I don’t know that I’d see it again, but I have no qualms with this spot. A.

4. Deja Vu: I have never heard of this movie. Nor do intend on checking it out. 0 stars.


2. Frequency: Great movie. Great acting. Great story. Great placement. But 2 out of 10 stars because I AM THE ONLY WILDCARD.

1. Count of Monte Cristo: I honestly don’t know that I’ve seen this movie more than once. But I do remember when it came out that I liked it and it was the talk of the youth group. So, 1 of 7 stars because I AM THE ONLY WILDCARD.


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