Top 5ive Pop Culture Butlers: Blake


5. Delbert Grady – from the novel & films, The Shining:

He’s the butler of all of our nightmares. You know, the nefarious one that wants to destroy our lives by handing us one more drink and removing one more barrier to uncover our inner demons and finally drive us insane. He’s the anti-butler, which is why he is my number 5.


4. Riff-Raff – from the musical stage production & film, The Rocky Horror Picture Show:

First off, it’s The Rocky Horror Picture Show, its a rock opera with transvestites, creepy butlers and Meatloaf. Second, Riff-Raff is easily the most talented butler of all time. Period. If you don’t like it, I feel bad for ya, son, you got ninety-nine problems and good taste ain’t one. Hit me!


3. Lurch – from the comic, TV show & films, The Addams Family:

Lurch is the most lovable oaf of all pop culture butlers. While Wednesday lays down her free-form funk footwork, Lurch just watches and attempts to copy it and completely fails. And it’s awesome. Lurch doesn’t take crap off of anyone…mainly because he doesn’t know how to take crap off of people. But the Addams and we all love him for it.


2. Geoffrey Butler – from the TV show, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air:

Any list that doesn’t have Geoffrey from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air instantly loses all credibility. The perfect mixture of wisdom, snark and class. That’s Geoffrey for ya. He is the perfect American transposition of the British stereotype.


1. Alfred Pennyworth – from the comic, TV shows, & films, Batman:

There is no other butler better than Alfred Pennyworth…in all of his incarnations. However, the best portrayals have been by Michael Caine and Sean Pertwee. The man is loyal to a fault, he wants nothing more than to see Bruce Wayne be happy and he is the fatherly voice in the midst of the darkest of nights.


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