Introduction to 5ive & Week #1’s Topic

The idea of 5ive grew out of a rather enjoyable but intense discussion on the ranking of action films and action stars. Matthew, Ian and I (Blake) decided that we should create a blog surrounding top five lists of any and every topic under the sun. However, we, being the sarcastic and opinionated guys we are, decided that we would not only post our individual lists on a blog, but then we would provide commentary (read: insults) for each other’s lists. Hence 5ive‘s tagline: Why pay attention to your lists when we can barely agree on our own?

Thus the beginning of this blog. It is a way for us to release our undiluted opinions into the cesspool of the internet and, like most of blogs and websites, we, too, are not concerned with your opinions, because we can’t even agree between the three of us. But, if by the grace of God, we actually do have a #1 that is in agreement one week, then it will go into the continuous list called The UnArguables. We don’t foresee many entries there, but you never know. All we do know is that The UnArguables are unarguable by anyone, especially you, our reader. Sorry, dem’s da rules.

So, on the first week of 5ive‘s existence–being the week of Christmas–we thought we would start with a thematic topic, one that is pretty much a softball by any standard: Christmas films. Out of the three of us, I am the only one who has a disdain for the holiday as I am sure my selections will attest to, but, worry not, for Matthew and Ian are sure to combat the forces of darkness for Christmas lovers everywhere. I fear I am outnumbered and out-gunned this week. So here we go with the first week of 5ive. May you forever abandon your own opinions and take up ours.



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